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The face and story behind Get Seen

Hello and welcome! My name is Dana and I am a Dunedin mum of 3, not some foreign or large company wanting to rip you off. We provide NZ based website design packages, hosting and logo/branding design services.

You have to believe me when I say my motivation comes from being a frustrated customer one time too many.

We have recently finished building our third (and final!) house in Taieri Mouth. You have no
idea how hard it is as a client to find phone numbers and contact details for people without a webpage. We, like a growing number of people, don’t have a landline phone, so we also do not get the phonebook which means no yellowpages.

Even with the builder and electrician we used (chosen through recommendations from locals). Several times I needed to call them while I was out and about or email them on the fly, I couldn’t find them online to contact them. It was
very frustrating. Yes, I had their business card, somewhere at home – goodness knows where.

I will let you into a little secret – generally business cards and brochures get lost before they get around to putting them somewhere safe.

Not having a business website is just not an option any longer.

Why should you choose NZ based website design packages?

Don’t go offshore, they might be cheaper, but there are often hidden costs and dodgy dealings in the background. Try our NZ based website design packages and rest easy at night knowing you are in good hands.

We build beautiful simple websites for small businesses that are very affordable, clean and modern, and they work well on any device. We are a small company, so we are efficient and flexible, with your needs at the center of all we do.

Make contact with me TODAY! Don’t put it off any longer!